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Movies or TV Shows: What Be Thy Preference?

Television was a big part of my life growing up. If I had nothing better to do then I watched TV. But recent years have seen me focus more on other experiences and that has made television viewing a non-activity in my life. I prefer going to the movies now and even enjoy that experience more. Television viewing at home is limited to streaming movies and maybe news channels but not so much watching TV and the never-ending series, show, seasons and episodes. And I believe it is for the better that I prefer movies over TV shows.

The atmosphere

Watching movies at the cinemas is a nice outing to indulge in every once in a while. Enjoying the movie with a packed hall has its own fun aspects to add to the experience. Watching movies at the drive-in is ever more unique an experience – you are with a crowd at the movies but in the privacy of your car – like watching a movie in your home but in the outdoors and with a larger screen! Meanwhile watching a TV show is usually at home and that doesn't make for a very interesting change in scenario, does it?

The format

I prefer movies because they are short and sweet and usually when one gets done, the next part, be it a prequel or sequel, comes out next year or later. There is no yearning to have to watch multiple episodes together on television or recorded, as is usually the case with television shows anyways. You can also watch 3D versions at the movies which thankfully has not been invented for home television viewing.

The advantages

You can watch multiple movies over a period of time and find something to suit everyone's taste and preference. You can move from comedy one day to horror the other to drama the next but with TV shows the genre pretty much stays the same. Also walking away from a 2-hour movie is easier than trying to detach yourself from a show that airs at specific times during the day.

The time commitment

TV shows definitely require greater time commitment. Once you get hooked to a show you want to watch every episode every week. If it is a show airing reruns then the tendency to watch the episodes as they are aired together is strong.