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If Movies Are Major, TV Shows Are Minor

If there is a single hobby that I enjoy doing alone or with a company, it is to watch a good movie or a TV show. Yes, it is true that my loves for movies are greater than the TV shows. By this, I am not hating the TV shows, but simply preferring movies over TV shows. There are some TV shows like "Game of Thrones" that I consider to be better than some movies. Generally speaking however, I find movies to be much more well-made and meaningful compared to TV shows. Here are some reasons why I prefer movies over TV shows.

First, movies tend to have stability compared to TV shows. By this, I am talking about TV shows ending prematurely because of its low ratings. TV shows are cancelled too often, and it seems like many good ones are getting cancelled without an ending. I find nothing more frustrating than to invest myself in a show only to find myself clueless of the ending because they've cancelled it. Movies may start with a low budget, and sometimes will have a bad conclusion. Yet, they will still provide you an ending; unless it's a sequel based movie of course. Is it just me? Or are the TV networks cancelling some of their best shows?!

Secondly, the amount of censorship and restrictions that the TV shows get, when it comes to producers expressing their ideas into the screen. I know that mainstream TV shows are watched by everyone, including children. However, when things become too vague, it tends to take me out of the whole scenery. I believe this is why TV shows in cable networks such as HBO and ShowTime are succeeding more these days compared to their competitors. Yes, there is some sex marketing involved in it, but when it comes down to drama; things need to be more open and tolerable. Sex, violence, and profanity is not necessary to make a show great, but should never be restricted to make a show great.

Next, the quality of the cinematography itself is much better in movies. This may be due to the budget differences that TV shows and the movies get. Yet, it is just so amazing when you get to see these unbelievable creatures and environments come to life in movies. It also helps that peoples' favorite actors are in movies more than TV shows as well. The overall quality of production is just much better in the movies than TV shows.

Finally, the system of how TV shows work! I know that some people enjoy waiting for their favorite shows, and for the next seasons to come. For me, it is just frustrating. I personally cannot wait to see what happens next, and the way these shows tend to drag their story around just adds to the annoyance.

I am aware that TV shows are getting better these days, and there are fantastic shows out there to watch. What I want to say is that movies are still somewhat more privileged to make better contents compared to most shows.

For these reasons, I love the movies more than the TV shows!