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Best Science Fiction TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Calling all Comic Con and sci-fi enthusiasts! The fall season is cranking up with a fresh crop of science fiction television shows. Whether your interest lies in mind control, human flight, or teleportation, there is something on TV for you. Some of these shows have already enjoyed moderate success. Others are tempting new viewers with a fresh approach to some dated themes. See what primetime TV has to offer in the way of science fiction:


Still hanging on for another season is the infamous, "Heroes"-a show that helped put actress Hayden Panettiere on the map (despite her numerous childhood roles.) The rather colorful and elaborate story began in 2006, and experienced a huge surge in popularity, and also-a slight dip in ratings. "Heroes" follows a group of seemingly ordinary people with amazing superpowers. But sometimes their powers are used for evil…


Eliza Dushku heads up this sci-fi program about a group of people (called "Dolls" or "Actives") whose personalities have been wiped clean for the purpose re-programming them for certain duties. While they're not serving their masters (The Handlers), they remain in a laboratory called the Dollhouse. Check out this Fox network show for some innovative new storylines that combine dramatic themes with sci-fi technology.


Also joining the Fox family this fall is a series which focuses on "fringe science"-that is, a field of study that explores non-traditional scientific theories such as voodoo, strange diseases, and even telekinesis. Like many sci-fi television shows, this program has an official setting, with the main stars assuming FBI agent roles (Mark Valley and Kirk Acevedo). With slight comparisons to the X-Files being drawn, this show will be a hit with those who enjoy certain aspects of the paranormal.


Putting a comedic spin on psychic abilities is "Psych" the USA network dramedy starring James Roday and Dulé Hill. If you haven't been privy to this show's clever premise, you might be surprised to note that no real psychic ability is present on the program. In fact, the show's star is merely a very astute detective who's faking his psychic powers to solve crimes (and keep his job.)

The Ghost Whisperer

Entering its fifth season is "The Ghost Whisperer" centered on Melinda, the sensitive (pun intended) antique shop owner who can communicate with the dead. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, this show has elicited both screams and tears with its creative story lines and competent cast. If you were a fan of The Sixth Sense, you have probably been watching this show since it debuted in 2005.