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Why I Prefer Movies Over TV Shows

We all watch movies, whether it's through an online streaming service, on the big-screen, or at home in your living room. We also all have seen our highly watched TV shows. But why are we more accustomed to the TV shows that we wait a week, even a month for? Why do we like the suspenseful build-up over a year? Today I am going to assess why I prefer a great movie over an amazing TV show any day.

Picture it, you're in line at the grocery, you don't have DVR, and you're favorite show is on. What are you going to do? It's a season, so they won't replay the episode, and it won't come out on Netflix for a while. TV shows consequences. Now picture this, you're at home watching the latest Iron Man movie when your mom asks you to go out to get the groceries. If it was a TV show, you would have to get up and wait for the episode to come back on some time in the future, but since it is a movie, you can easily pause the dvd and come back to it later (Obviously if you were in a theater this wouldn't be happening).

Alright so you got that a TV show, especially one that is new, isn't usually friendly to your time schedule (unless you plan your schedule around that tv show). But a movie, ahh, a movie is all for your schedule. You can watch it whenever you feel like it, unlike a tv show that has a designated time.

When you watch a movie you get all that buildup that you would over 6 months with a tv show in around two (and a half) hours. You know what's happening; you never miss an episode so you know who's who and how they are connected to the main character. You feel like you're connected to the movie, now I will stay that with a series you can feel way more connected to the show and the characters. With the tv show, you could say that you feel like you are a part of the antagonist's life, one of their (close) friends. With a movie its way more short, it's like reading a book (and I love reading books). You know what it's going to be about, what the situation is, and who the main character is. If you wanted books that were made more like tv shows, than you would need to be referred to comic books, not novels.

Movies are pushing factors for (romantic) dates, family (bonding) time, inspiration (for a specific group of people), doing well (when offered as a reward), and much more. Movies are for the average person who's looking for something interesting and amusing, while not taking up days of their time.