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Website For Streaming TV Shows

You might think of competing with Netflix, and Amazon prime is impossible and that you could never make money from an online series and movie websites. Well, this is not true, and even if your start will be difficult, it is possible to make money online from streaming popular TV dramas online.

Making A TV Streaming Website

Some TV series streaming websites don’t care about copyright, and they put pirated versions of TV series online, with the risks of being fined. However, it is possible to make money legally from streaming, and this is a simple way to do that.

TV Streaming Web Hosting

Find a reputable company that gives you the option to buy a domain but also to build a website on it and to manage it successfully. You will want to become the affiliate of Netflix, Amazon, and other major streaming platforms, and to earn money legally by referring your visitors to these services.

It is not like having your own Online TV channel, but you are not trying to compete with the giants. On the contrary, you want to convince your visitors to choose what is best for them from all these services so that you can make money from all of them.

If you want a proper domain name for your new streaming channel, you can think about the .tv extension. There are many related free domains with this extension, and it is really relevant for what you are trying to do.

Think about creating a blog section for your website as well, as your goal is to offer reviews of TV premieres and to convince your visitors to view them on major networks.

Some webmasters making their first TV premieres streaming services online will spend a lot of money for hosting at the start, thinking they will need increased hosting capacities and a lot of hard disk space. As you are just an affiliate of the big networks, you will only need a simple affiliate website in which you can embalm some videos, and this can be done with WordPress and a simple shared hosting package. Once you have access to some series directly, you will need a Virtual Private Server for your website and hard disk space to host your own videos online.

The secret of making money in such a competitive niche is to have passion for a particular type of series and to attract visitors to your website with reviews and blog posts. Once you convince your visitors, they should click on the affiliate link, and you will make money if they watch the series or open an account on the merchant’s site.

Big money will come when you can host TV series on your site, but this means some money spent on licenses and copyright. You can pay less than a big television would pay with the variable payments for copyright, based on how many people see the videos you shared. This way, you will pay copyright only as long as people watch TV series on your website.

As the number of visitors and incomes grow, you will need more storage capacity with the web hosting company and some increased video streaming capacity. WordPress is a platform with some beautiful video website themes, ideally suited for a TV series online streaming service.