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Tween TV Shows with a School Theme

There are many shows on the various networks for kids in the tween age group, but not many that put the focus on school and what takes place in that venue. Here is a compilation of some shows that I am aware, based on the viewing habits of my twelve year-old son, that have a school theme.

My Gym Partner Is A Monkey – airing on Cartoon Network Tuesday through Thursday evenings at 8:30 pm.

This show is about a twelve year-old boy named Adam, that transferred from a human school to an animal school due to the fact that his last name is Lyon. Adam attends Charles Darwin Middle School. His gym partner is a spider monkey known as Jake. Adam and Jake are best friends and get in trouble sometimes.

Some of the themes the show profiles are about lying, bullies and the school newspaper. The students have some wacky adventures like the magic fish episode where Jake landed in a pond and almost killed a magic fish. They recently aired a movie called the Big Field Trip.

Recess – this was airing on Toon Disney over the winter school break. I have since noticed it on at various times on this channel. It is fun to watch the playground antics of the six kids who are in the fourth grade. The Principal is an old lady who is mean to the students. One episode we viewed recently showed it raining outside which cancelled the playground recess. The kids had to use their minds playing games in the cafeteria. Recess has DVDs but no more shows are being produced.

Ned's Declassified – this is on Nickelodeon Saturdays at 7:30 pm. The show takes place at James K Polk Middle School. The students are Ned Bigby, Moze and Cookie. The show is a survival guide to Middle School with weird teachers, hall monitors, cafeteria ladies and bullies. Some of the episodes have covered friends moving, bad hair days and riding the school bus. I believe this is the first season of the show.

The Magic School Bus – this airs on The Learning Channel weekday mornings at 7:30 AM. Ms. Frizzle teaches at Walker Elementary School with the help of the Lizard. They go on many field trips where the bus turns into other objects like a spaceship, submarine or weather machine.

There were 52 episodes, but the show is no longer in production.

These are shows that depict Elementary and Middle Schools in a comedic fashion.