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TV Show Review: Dallas 2012: Twenty Years Later

Dallas, the popular TV Show that aired in the 1980's and was talked about many times, mainly due to the cliffhangers and such, has returned to TV. After twenty some years after leaving the airwaves; the show has returned, not as a remake, but as a continuation of the series that made history. The cable channel, TNT, has brought it back to television and it airs on Wednesday nights at nine pm eastern standard time. The focus of the show is mainly on the next generation of Ewing family, but it also focus' on the older generation also. Right from the start this show was full of action and more. The show also lived up to the hype and has made itself known again as a show to be reckoned with.

Dallas shows us what the main characters of the original show and the newer characters have been up to in the years that this show has been off the air. I can also tell you that what made the original great; is also working to make this show just as good as the original. There are enough betrayals, backstabbing, greed, shenanigans, lust, and so much more going on as this series went through its first season. It was a lot more than I hoped for when I made the decision to watch this show.

We find out that the man that everyone loves to hate: J.R. Ewing, has not done too well over the years. He has ended up in a home for a number of years for clinical depression and Bobbie Ewing has taken over the ranch and has remarried for the third time. We learn that John Ross Ewing, the now adult son of J.R. Ewing; wants to make the Ewing name great again and become like his father. We also learn that Christopher, the adult son of Bobbie, wants to do the same but make a name for himself in the alternate energies field. Sue Ellen, the ex-wife of J.R. and the mother of John Ross; has done well for herself over the years. She has been sober for over twenty years and is running for Governor of Texas.

In each episode there is a lot going on with each character and a lot going on with the various plots. J.R. wanting to own Southfork, by any means necessary; even if he has to backstab and betray his brother to do it. Bobbie vowing to protect Southfork; like he promised his mother he would do; by any means necessary. John Ross vowing to become a force to be reckoned with and wanting to be like his father. There is a lot of conniving going on also in the form of new characters. There is Rebecca Sudder Ewing; who marries Christopher, but she is not at all whom she seems. We find out who she really is in the season finale. There is Tommy Sudder; but he also not whom he seems to be and a lot more. Each episode there is a lot going on that keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat.

The season finale was full of everything you can think of. There were revelations, more betrayals, lying, greed, and more. We learned a lot of what was going on and so forth. Dallas has already been renewed already for a second season and the next season looks to be very interesting. I look forward to see what the new season will bring and what happens next in the continuing saga that is the Ewing family.