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Storytelling Makes Movies Better Than TV Shows

Growing up, I really didn't have a TV. Well, we did, but we didn't have cable. It was your standard public broadcasting fare of an occasional good show among the rubbish. So, for the most part our TV was just another thing in the house that needed to be dusted every so often when we wanted to use it. Instead of TV as entertainment, we had play time outside. On the rare occasions when we did watch things, it was usually a theatre performance put on by a local community group. Perhaps this is the reason I've always preferred movies over TV shows.

I have never really got into TV shows, as it were. I've sat down and watched a few episodes back to back, but it has to tell a cohesive story to retain my attention. For instance, I watched Dexter and Leverage because each episode had a story, and each season had a theme. Both shows had over arching story lines that held them together.

This is the feature of having a complete story in a single package is what draws me movies over TV shows. I rather like getting to know the story that drives the characters. It really doesn't even matter to me whether this story is told over an hour and a half move or several seasons of a show. What matters is that it is thoughtful, compelling, and complete.

Oddly, my favourite TV show by far was Firefly, which was a long, drawn out story that was never allowed to complete on TV. Within a season you got a sense of the overarching story, the theme and message of the world, and a feeling for the antagonists that keep everything going. It would have been a great show, despite the fact that it moved slow, because of this rich story that drives the characters.

No matter which genre of movie you pick up, it is likely going to have a story that drives the characters. I can watch a wide variety of them from epics like The Lord of the Rings to comedy like Robin Hood: Men in Tights and still have that element of storytelling. So, while there are a few good shows out there that appeal to me, it really is movies, over all, that I like more.