Give Me Movies and Forget TV Shows

I dislike interruptions when I'm being entertained. Imagine stopping the rollercoaster halfway around a curve just to announce some of the wares riders might be interesting in buying once the ride is over. The magic has been shattered; the thrill is gone. Disappointment over the interruption spoils the event. That is what I feel when a commercial breaks into the action of what I'm watching.

Home Theater

Cable and satellite make home theater a great experience, especially with the 'free' soda, popcorn and candy. 3D HDTV is a great experience, but has a way to go yet before I buy it. Some 3D televisions only offer 1 set of glasses, while others offer none. I checked out one from Sony and another from Panasonic in the early spring of 2013 and discovered some of the experience is available without the glasses. Missing any of the extra intrigue of 3D because of the lack of glasses is similar to commercial interruptions; it leaves me cold. Instead of selling them separately, up the price of the TV slightly and offer four pairs, which will take care of the average family.

Why I Enjoy Movie Theaters

Standing in line to get a ticket is fun because I get to hear others discuss what they've learned so far about the various movies being featured. I've actually changed my mind about which movie to watch based on the opinions of others waiting for tickets to various features. The atmosphere and sense of expectation are contagious. Previews of coming attractions, in addition to commercials, fill the minutes spent waiting for the show to start. I enjoy the opportunity to see those 3D films selected earlier. The local theater has matinee prices 7 days a week, which means I save any day I go to the show.

Time Constraints

Recording TV shows ahead of time gives me the opportunity to watch them at my convenience and fast forward through the commercials and reviews of other shows without wasting time. That statement might cause stress in advertising agencies across the country, so I will add a disclaimer that there are some commercials I watch because they are informative and helpful. I know ahead of time how much time will be used at the theater, so it never enters into the equation. Comfortable seats and a clear view of the screen make it a grand experience.

‘The Twilight Zone’: Classic TV Show Laden with Star Power

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the !

Rod Serling spoke different variations of those words in a matter-of-fact, yet haunting tone from 1959 to 1964 before each episode of the show he created, “The Twilight Zone.” The fantasy series showcased the anthology of imaginative scripts penned by Serling and other talented writers. The groundbreaking television show was considered one of the brightest in history. Viewers looked forward to the suspense and unexpected twists. Although reruns are often seen on the Syfy channel, Serling-who hailed from western New York-didn’t consider the program science fiction. He simply said, “It is a show about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations.”

Everyone has a favorite episode. In our house they are “Walking Distance,” in which Gig Young finds you can never go home-and “Little Girl Lost,” the episode that kept me awake at night for several days afterward, thinking I, too, might slip through the wall into another dimension. As an adult, I appreciate “Kick the Can,” where an old man discovers rejuvenating powers in a children’s game.

Although its ratings never went through the roof, “The Twilight Zone” stood the test of time. Since the cast changed weekly, there was plenty of opportunity for work. Actors appreciated the high-quality writing, but probably didn’t realize at the time that they were part of an iconic show in the making. Perhaps even as intriguing as the writing is the impressive-and lengthy-list of guest actors, many of whom became megastars. Even though there are too many to mention, these stars are notable.

Earl Holliman appeared on the show’s first episode, “Where Is Everybody?” A scared man finds himself completely alone in a small town. It is finally revealed as a test of his endurance.

Mickey Rooney in “The Last Night of a Jockey” thinks that all his problems in life will be solved if he is taller.

Robert Redford was in “Nothing in the Dark.” An old lady locks herself in a room in a deserted building, trying to avoid confronting Death.

Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery in “Two” are lone, scared survivors left to start the world anew after a nuclear holocaust. Montgomery went on to star in “Bewitched.” Many of her co-stars, including Dick York (Darrin), Agnes Moorehead (Endora), David White (Larry) and Alice Pearce (Gladys Kravitz) also appeared in episodes of “The Twilight Zone.”

In The Hitch-Hiker,” Inger Stevens is driving cross-country and keeps seeing the same ominous hitch-hiker on the road ahead.

Jack Klugman was one of the many actors who appeared in several “Twilight Zone” segments. Klugman can be seen in four different episodes.

William Shatner might have gotten some “Star Trek” training on “The Twilight Zone.” He appeared in “Nick of Time” and the popular “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” in which a newly-recovered mental patient can’t convince anyone there’s a gremlin destroying the plane’s wing. Among other notables are Lee Marvin, Dennis Hopper, James Coburn and Telly Savalas.

Child Actors such as Ronnie Howard, Veronica Carwright, Ann Jillian and Billy Mumy got in on the act as well. Shelley Fabares was a teenager and the object of an alien’s affection in “Black Leather Jackets.”

Many comedians displayed their dramatic talents on “The Twilight Zone.” Among them were Carol Burnett, Don Rickles, Buster Keaton, Art Carney, and Jonathan Winters, who returned from the grave to play pool with hustler Jack Klugman in “A Game of Pool.”

Even Rod Serling himself starred-as himself-in one episode, “A World of His Own.”

Source: Fantastic Television; Gary Gerani and Paul Schulman; Harmony Books, NY

TV Shows for Kids: Rugrats

Rugrats is a children's animated television series. Each episode fills a thirty minute television block. The show was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Paul Germain. Some of the actors and actresses whose voice can be heard on the show include E.G. Daily, Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Cheryl Chase, Tara Strong, and Cree Summer among many others.

Rugrats made its television debut on the Nickelodeon channel on August 11, 1991. The show ran from 1991 to 1994 and then again from 1997 to 2005. In total, 174 episodes of Rugrats were produced. Rugrats is one of the most popular children's shows of the past decade plus.

The show is about a group of babies and how they see life different than adults do. The babies can communicate with each other, but they can't communicate with their parents. They understand what their parents and other adults are saying, but they often misunderstand certain words which make for the base of much of the comedy on the show. One character, Angelica, is the supposed evil character on the show. She is able to understand adults and the babies which creates an advantage for her over everyone.

The main characters on Rugrats are:
Tommy Pickles – Tommy Pickles is the leader of the group of babies. He is responsible for deciding what adventures they will take part in.
Chuckie Finster – Chuckie Finster is Tommy's best friend, but he can hold Tommy back on lots of their adventures because he is very easily scared.
Phil and Lil DeVille – Phil and Lil DeVille are a set of twins who are exactly alike most twins. Although they tend to fight every now and then, it only provides comedy on the show.
Angelica Pickles – Angelica Pickles is the kid who pushes the babies around. She tells them lies and tries to get them in trouble with the adults.
Susie Carmichael – Susie Carmichael is a friend of the babies because she is the only person who can fight back at Angelica, earning respect from the babies.

All of the children's parents and Tommy's grandpa are minor characters in the show, although they tend to be in almost every episode. They are usually used in the show as ways to start the babies on an adventure or ways to end an adventure.

As the popularity of Rugrats grew, Rugrats movies began being made. The Rugrats movies introduced many new characters into the group including a baby brother for Tommy and a step-sister for Chuckie. Although no new shows are being produced, reruns of Rugrats are sure to air on television for a long time due to its incredible popularity with kids.

New Reality TV Show: Scott Baio is 45 and Single

It’s only been on for a few episodes, but VH1’s new reality show Scott Baio is 45 and Single is the kind of . program that will inspire you to yell at your television set in frustration.

As the title infers, the show revolves around former child star Scott Baio and the fact that he is middle-aged and still unmarried. It is pretty clear from the get-go that he is a commitment-phobe who has spent much of his adult years in and out of mostly vacuous relationships with women he has no intentions of settling down with.

His “babe list” consists of the kind of females regular guys usually have to buy a magazine to see- Denise Richards, Pam Anderson, Heather Locklear and the like.

That, however, was in his younger days and since he is older now and no longer what one would consider to be a “bankable” celebrity anymore, he’s not exactly the same “hoochie magnet” he used to be. Like it or not, Hollywood is a status-conscious town and, if you are no longer in an influential position, career-wise, the kind of ladies Baio seems geared towards, are looking elsewhere.

Loneliness- so he claims- and his mother’s desire for him to be married and supply her with grandkids- are his apparent motivations for doing this reality show. I am somewhat of a skeptic, though, when it comes to any reality show being sincere about anything. The real reason for him doing this program, I suspect, is to attempt to resurrect his career.

Baio is contronted, in episodes, by former love interests, like Erin Moran, who try to give him clues as to why he is still single. He is also supplied with a life coach who suggests he be celibate for a designated period of time and try to determine just why he has problems finding more durable associations.

In a way, you have to feel sorry for him, because he, after all, has been in a profession that celebrates the kind of lifestyle that has kept him from establishing any real lasting relationship with a woman. The he seems to have held fast to is to find ’em, bag ’em and dump ’em.

His sophomoric friends don’t help either, as they are not particularly emotionally mature themselves. Baio is a likable guy and you hate thinking of him, years from now, being some old guy with nobody around who really cares for him.

On the other hand, there are just some people who are not marriage material. Getting married just because your parents prod you into it is not the best thing. If Scott Baio isn’t ready to take the plunge yet, it’s best that he does stay single, rather than wedding a woman and then cheating on her or being emotionally absent from her. At least he is honest about his fears and feelings, which I grudgingly give him his props for.

I seriously doubt that participating in Scott Baio is 45 and Single will alter Baio’s outlook on relationships, but I suppose the romantic in me still hopes otherwise.

Movies and TV Shows to Film in Washington, DC

It looks like in the coming months, we're going to be seeing a lot of lights, camera, action in the nation's capital. If you've ever wanted to be on TV or in a movie, there will be a few chances for you to do so. And you don't even have to take a MegaBus to New York or a plane to Los Angeles – you just have to be in the Washington DC area.

You might have already missed this opportunity, but Jon Stewart is bringing The Daily Show down to Washington for four days in October. They'll be filming from Monday, October 25 until Thursday, October 28, to cover the 2010 midterm elections. In true Daily Show fashion, the coverage is being called "When Grizzlies Attack: The Daily Show Midterm Teapartyganza."

Tickets were free and they went up on the Daily Show's website at 11:00 AM on the 16th of August. It must have been quite popular with the liberal young professionals of our fine city because they were all snapped up in minutes. But you can still sign up for updates on new tickets if and when they become available through the website. And if you're really desperate to go see the show at the Sidney Harmon Hall, we're sure some people will be selling their free tickets on Criagslist, just like they did for Virgin Freefest.

If you're looking for something a little more exciting, the new Transformers installment will be filming in DC at the end of September and they're looking for extras. According to the casting call they're looking for extras and precision drivers.

If you're interested in being part of the action, you can email with your name, phone number, email, your Union, SAG membership number (if applicable), height, weight, shirt, pant and show sizes, jacket or dress size, the model and make of your car if you have one and a recent picture of you. If you have experience doing precision driving, attach a resume. They won't be contacting anyone until closer to the shoot so keep an eye out for it.

Even if you don't get cast, you can probably keep an eye out for their filming locations and pass by all the action. Though the filmmakers requested three weeks, movie crews will be in town for just three days because the National Park Service denied access to a lot of the locations that director, Michael Bay, requested to shoot at. So it's a short window, but we're sure it will be epic.

Keep your eyes peeled for news on tickets and shooting locations and make sure they get your good side!

Making Connections Through a TV Show

You know that feeling, where you've finished watching a television series and you feel hollow and don't know what to do with your life? I'm having that now.

Recently I've watched this really great show, "Ugly Betty." I'm extremely outdated, but those who haven't seen it yet, should put that on their to-do list. It's a great story about an ugly duckling making her dreams a reality while facing many obstacles. I'm particularly attached to this story because I can relate a lot to the main character, Betty Suarez. Most of us didn't grow up liking what we were given. Some may not like their face, their nose or butt, or voice and I'm one of those people. I grew up with a beautiful mother and sister and a handsome brother. They were skinny, pretty and they were the envy of me. I've always wanted to be more good looking like them. Sadly, I was fat, with a large nose, small eyes and not very luscious lips. Just like Betty, I had more attractive older sibling/s and it was really tough growing up.

We live in a society, where looks is everything. They can take you places and get you things. Because of my weird face, I grew up being shunned and outcast. I had no friends, and people who I thought were my best friends, betrayed me countless times. Although I say I'm somewhat like Betty, I don't quite have her optimism. I can find the rainbow after the rain or see the glass as half full.

I'm still in my teen years and I've just discovered "Ugly Betty" and it feels like this TV series might have just saved me. It shows me that things could be better, I can be better and everything would fall right into place until its all beautiful. Maybe I'm a little dramatic, some might say its just a show and that its all in my head but, I know what I feel. Currently, after finishing this show, I've felt like I've lost a friend. A good friend, Betty Suarez. I somehow still do feel like I'm connected to her but it feels like she's away.

I admire the people who made this TV series and I believe all the chunky, slightly awkward yet beautiful ladies will appreciate this show as much as I do and feel beautiful themselves.

A Spy Within Univision's Hit TV Show Nuestra Belleza Latina?

Rumors have been swirling and getting stronger that there is a "spy" within the mists of Univision's Nuestra Belleza Latina first round of candidates. Maribel de Santiago's passage into the TV Show's second round has got many viewers in an uproar. Maribel is the young lady that wittingly won her way to the show's premiere and a ticket to Miami.

Many have speculated that she is the "spy" for Univision's show this year. In the past, the TV show had entrenched an undercover candidate within the mists of these beauty candidates to help rule out candidates that year. However, the network has not made an announcement that a spy for them was placed this year. As a matter of fact, last year there was none. The only year they had one, it was publicly announced prior to the elimination round.

The controversy seems to arise out of the judges decision not to eliminate the young lady that charmingly won her way to NBL. Many have claimed that she is not pretty enough, does not have model appeal and made her way to the show because she pleaded her way through. While there are many other beautiful girls in the Spanish language TV show, NBL is not based solely on looks. We also need to understand that the show is just beginning and many of the girls will learn their way through. After all, beauty is not just an exterior appeal but an interior as well.

Maribel is smart, tenacious and a tour de force to be reckoned with. She may not be the prettiest girl there but she has won the hearts of many of the television show's fans. Some of her fans have began to support her, amid the criticisms that he is not pretty by chanting: La Fea Mas Bella, the novela that was the model for ABC's hit TV sitcom, Ugly Betty.

What TV Shows Will You Watch This Summer?

Another TV season has come to an end. You know who won Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Biggest Loser and all those other reality TV shows. But our other TV shows left us hanging. Will Jack Bauer miraculously survive the toxin and be back to save the world from another catastrophe? What will happen to the people on Lost? What is the real story behind the Dollhouse? Will Clark ever learn how to fly? We all have these and other important questions about our favorite TV shows, but they will have to wait until the fall. Even then, there is no guarantee that we will get our questions answered.

In the meantime, what summer TV shows do you plan on watching? (Get the 2009 Summer TV Schedule here.) Do you scale back on watching TV shows in the summer and spend more time outside? Or are you a regular couch potato and can't get enough summer TV? In my opinion, summer TV shows are filled with a lot of mindless reality TV. Who cares if someone can hang onto a big, slippery ball on Wipe Out, and do we really care what someone else finds during their Internet ramblings (Tosh.0)?

But some summer TV shows are so silly you can't help but watch them (mainly because there is nothing else on). I'm talking about summer shows like America's Got Talent. Do ALL these people truly believe they have a talent that could win them a million dollars? I guess the networks have to air summer shows such as I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! to be able to throw a little cash at these "celebrities" (and I use the term loosely) that are having a hard time finding a real acting part. Did you catch I Survived a Japanese Game Show last year? The Japanese can come up with some funky ideas for a game show. It is another one of the TV shows that is so silly you can't help but watch. Last year they had people in diapers riding tricycles. Does that peak your curiosity at all?

Some of the new summer TV shows I am looking forward to are The Great American Road Trip (July 1, 8:00, NBC), Warehouse 13 (July 7, 9:00, SciFi), Merlin (June 21, 8:00, NBC), Mental (May 26, 9:00, Fox), The Philanthropist (June 24, 10:00, NBC), and Jesse James is a Dead Man (May 31, 10:00, Spike TV). I am also looking forward to watching some old favorites this summer such as Eureka (July 10, 9:00, SciFi – note new day and time), Hell's Kitchen (July 21, 8:00, Fox), and Leverage (July 15, 9:00, TNT).

Will you watch any of the new or returning summer TV shows? Or will you take the time to catch up on TV shows that have been receiving a lot of press recently like /Remembering a Great TV Show:'Cheers'/Remembering A Great TV Shows;'Cheers'

It seems like only yesterday that I turned on my TV and watched this great show, which still draws solid ratings even as it plals in syndication. This classic show ran originally from 1982 until 1993 on NBC earning 26 Emmys and a record 111 nominations. Featuring an "everyman" cast that most of "middle America" could identify with it provided humor and an utmost sincerity to it's weekly shows. The show was set in Boston,Massachusetts at a fictional bar, where "Everybody knows your name". It featured a great ensemble cast starring Ted Danson,Shelley Long, Rhea Perlan, John Ratzenberger,George Wendt,Nicholas Colassanto and later starring Woody Harrelson,Kelsey Grammer,Kirstie Alley and Bebe Neuwirth. The show centered around bar owner and retired baseball player; Sam Malone(Ted Danson), and waitress Diane(Shelley) who was also Sam's love interest. The show featured story arcs and running gags that were mostly shown in a central bar area. The remainder of the cast played very identifiable "blue collar" workers that stopped in for a beer and a shot after work.
The reason for the shows longetivity was as I said, because the cast was synonymous with 'middle America" and provided plots and characters that were very identifiable. Their were certain scripts that touched around social issues of the day as well. Alcoholism, homosexuality and adultery being among them. Carla(Rhea Perman) a waitress;provided a feminist perspective in many shows. While Fraser(Kelsey Grammer) and Diane(Shelley Long) were a little bit more upper class, Norm(George Wendt) and Cliff (John Ratzenberger) were very typical blue collar characters. The show took several years before it caught on in the ratings, but was critically acclaimed in it's first season. By it's final year it a total of eight consecutive top-ten seasons. With it's final episode shown in 1993,NBC devoted the whole evening to the show. Although short of the record,80.4 million it was still a ratings hit.