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Must Watch TV: Winning TV Shows

Never let it be said that television shows in 2011 are lacking. I have discovered a few brave ones. Ones with balls. Ones with intrigue. Ones with comedy. Don't believe? Oh, try me. Here is my favorite must watch TV shows of 2011. Some, you may not have heard of, but you should. Really! These are different and ballsy. Gotta love that. Check them out.

The Killing. This crime murder drama series is currently showing on AMC. Sunday nights at 10 pm. This show is all about who killed a young girl named Rosie Larsen. The murder is quite a captivating mystery and it draws you in. It is filmed from a viewer's perspective and that makes this crime drama series special. You feel as one with the characters and that makes this show daring and interesting. Often shocking and delving into the deep dark question, just who killed young Rosie? The smartness and sharp wits of the detectives involved really get to me. The suspect list is long and growing longer by the show. I am already hooked. I want to know. Who killed Rosie. Watch and see. A great new TV mystery show. Thanks, AMC.

Breaking Bad. Oh, you just must check out this show. Bryan Cranston is award winning, what an actor, as other actors on this show are. This serious, sometimes funny and often shocking drama is on AMC again soon. It comes back in July, 2011. Don't you miss it. A science teacher, battling cancer, gone bad, meth making and surviving. This one will thrill you. It is as different as I have ever seen a television series be. It matches our times and catches your wits and attention. Must see TV. Truly.

Haven. This fabulous Syfy tv series is coming back in 2011. I am so very glad. It is based on the Stephen King book series, the Colorado Kid. I have to give kudos to the Syfy network for this one. Since I am a long time Stephen King fan, this show captures my mind, King's great imagination and lures me to places I never dreamed of. Chilling, thrilling, funny and just weird. I love it. The cast and story lines are spectacular, bizarre and unpredictable. Well, I look forward to that. Always a pleasure to watch. Thanks, Syfy. I watch this one in the dark…and smile.

Memphis Beat. Oh, yes, this fabulous crime drama series is coming back. With great music, acting, Elvis impersonations, just kidding, and lots of soul. Jason Lee is spectacular as Dwight Hendricks, and I have missed him. This cop, if you must call him that, rules the cool. Absolutely. June 14, 2011, this series comes back, at 9 pm on TNT. A must watch. I promise just one show will get you hooked. Great music, marvelous acting, interesting crime story lines, this show can't miss. Award winning acting and writing, Memphis Beat, I love you and I have missed you. I await your series comeback. Well deserved. Thank you, TNT!

Black Books. For those that like BBC comedies, well, you might just have to check this out. A kooky bookstore owner and funny employees, this one did get my attention. How, you ask. Well, I was skipping about through channels and on my local Georgia Public Broadcast TV station, this cool show just appeared, one night. It was funny, crazy, cool and too strange. I must tune in. Manny, you rock. Anyway, you will have to check your local listings for the funny show, but it will make you laugh. The BBC, gotta love them. They brought Keeping Up Appearances, which is a too funny British comedy. Black Books is all about a book store owner that is eccentric and really does not care if he sells one book. His weird adventures are worth many laughs. If you have a sense of humor. Try it.

Justified. Well, this season is almost over and if you are not watching Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, US marshal, well, you are missing out. This is my favorite tv show of 2011. It is award worthy. It comes on Weds nights at 10 pm on the FX channel. Only two more shows to go in this season. I tell you what, you need to catch them. This show was recently listed on TV guide's must watch shows. I agree. Hey, I said that a long time ago. Anyway, this show is set in rural Kentucky. It is fun, scary and always exciting. Need I say more? The theme song of this show is too cool and I love it. I will just say here that this show is a winner! One of kind.

These are my must watch tv shows of 2011 and don't you dare miss them. They have heart, soul, music, mystery, murder, comedy and mayhem. They will touch you deep, make you laugh and that is worth watching. Always. Thanks for reading! I did not get paid for this article, I wrote it just because I truly love these tv shows. Enjoy or you are missing out. How about that? Yep. I love to recognize true tv talent. I bet that you do, too.