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Movies Vs. TV Shows

I love movies. I think they are way better than TV shows. Although this is just my opinion, I have many, many reasons why I think this.

    1. Movies are much more exciting. The effects and acting are normally better in movies. Movies tend to have a much bigger plot and a better story line. TV can sometimes stray from their original plot because they run out of things to do.

  1. TV shows leave you hanging and go on forever. Some TV shows have 6-10 seasons and that is just too many. I usually lose interest in TV shows after the 2-3 season. I think that they are too dragged on.
  2. You can go see movies in theaters. I feel that going to a theater is so much fun. It’s actually kind of a bonding experience. All these strangers come together to share an interest in a movie.
  3. TV shows can get cancelled. Sometimes, TV shows lose viewers and money that they need to keep going, therefore they get cancelled. It’s awful to be so interested in something and then it just disappear.
  4. I hate waiting to find out when something is going to happen. In a movie, you know you will find out by the end, with TV shows, it could be months before you know something. That is just unappealing to me.