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Making Connections Through a TV Show

You know that feeling, where you've finished watching a television series and you feel hollow and don't know what to do with your life? I'm having that now.

Recently I've watched this really great show, "Ugly Betty." I'm extremely outdated, but those who haven't seen it yet, should put that on their to-do list. It's a great story about an ugly duckling making her dreams a reality while facing many obstacles. I'm particularly attached to this story because I can relate a lot to the main character, Betty Suarez. Most of us didn't grow up liking what we were given. Some may not like their face, their nose or butt, or voice and I'm one of those people. I grew up with a beautiful mother and sister and a handsome brother. They were skinny, pretty and they were the envy of me. I've always wanted to be more good looking like them. Sadly, I was fat, with a large nose, small eyes and not very luscious lips. Just like Betty, I had more attractive older sibling/s and it was really tough growing up.

We live in a society, where looks is everything. They can take you places and get you things. Because of my weird face, I grew up being shunned and outcast. I had no friends, and people who I thought were my best friends, betrayed me countless times. Although I say I'm somewhat like Betty, I don't quite have her optimism. I can find the rainbow after the rain or see the glass as half full.

I'm still in my teen years and I've just discovered "Ugly Betty" and it feels like this TV series might have just saved me. It shows me that things could be better, I can be better and everything would fall right into place until its all beautiful. Maybe I'm a little dramatic, some might say its just a show and that its all in my head but, I know what I feel. Currently, after finishing this show, I've felt like I've lost a friend. A good friend, Betty Suarez. I somehow still do feel like I'm connected to her but it feels like she's away.

I admire the people who made this TV series and I believe all the chunky, slightly awkward yet beautiful ladies will appreciate this show as much as I do and feel beautiful themselves.