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Justified TV Show Newest FX Hit

Justified is the new TV show in FX's lineup. The Justified TV show arrived last night with a lot of raves and expectations. FX already has critically acclaimed programs like Damages, Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me on their table, but there's always room for another one. After Nip/Tuck ended its disappointing final season, the network needed a new show in the middle of the week to deliver the goods. So far, Justified is a TV show fitting that bill, judging by the early raves and buildup.

After delving into the world of lawyers, motorcycle outlaws, cops, plastic surgeons and firemen, FX is now going into the world of Elmore Leonard. The legendary crime writer, whose wise-guy dialogue and showdowns preceded the likes of Quentin Tarantino, lent some of his old stories and characters to FX. In this case, he gave them U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens, a modern day Western hero in a 21st century world.

The Justified TV show sends Raylan to his old home in Kentucky, after one too many 'justified' public shootings. His new assignment brings him towards an old friend turned white supremacist, an ex-wife, and lots of criminals to cut up verbally and physically.

Once critics got a look at the first three episodes, they started hyping up Justified as the best TV show of the midseason. On Meta Critic, it gained an average rating of 80 from 26 reviews, with the likes of Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide's Matt Roush giving it perfect scores. They also hailed it as the breakout vehicle long overdue for star Timothy Olyphant.

Olyphant is no stranger to TV, having headlined Deadwood and Season Two of Damages. But he was not the breakout character on those shows and had been stuck in supporting roles in movies. However, this is his first undisputed leading man role, and paired with Leonard and FX, his Justified TV show stands to put Olyphant in the breakout stage of his career – assuming the rest of the series lives up to the start.

Critics only saw the first three episodes, raving over last night's pilot the most. It's a rare case when the first few episodes of a show get raves, and then the rest of it is a letdown – at least in the first season. With FX, when they hit on something big early on, it usually doesn't disappoint later.

For this spring, FX seems to have a big one-two punch with Damages on Monday, and Justified the next night. This should hold audiences over until Rescue Me returns in the summer, and Sons of Anarchy comes back in the fall.

In the short term, Justified is a TV show that seems to have made its mark on a busy night, where Lost, American Idol, the NCIS shows and The Good Wife light up the networks. Cable now has a big TV show of its own, as Justified airs at 10 pm est each Tuesday.


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