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Give Me Movies and Forget TV Shows

I dislike interruptions when I'm being entertained. Imagine stopping the rollercoaster halfway around a curve just to announce some of the wares riders might be interesting in buying once the ride is over. The magic has been shattered; the thrill is gone. Disappointment over the interruption spoils the event. That is what I feel when a commercial breaks into the action of what I'm watching.

Home Theater

Cable and satellite make home theater a great experience, especially with the 'free' soda, popcorn and candy. 3D HDTV is a great experience, but has a way to go yet before I buy it. Some 3D televisions only offer 1 set of glasses, while others offer none. I checked out one from Sony and another from Panasonic in the early spring of 2013 and discovered some of the experience is available without the glasses. Missing any of the extra intrigue of 3D because of the lack of glasses is similar to commercial interruptions; it leaves me cold. Instead of selling them separately, up the price of the TV slightly and offer four pairs, which will take care of the average family.

Why I Enjoy Movie Theaters

Standing in line to get a ticket is fun because I get to hear others discuss what they've learned so far about the various movies being featured. I've actually changed my mind about which movie to watch based on the opinions of others waiting for tickets to various features. The atmosphere and sense of expectation are contagious. Previews of coming attractions, in addition to commercials, fill the minutes spent waiting for the show to start. I enjoy the opportunity to see those 3D films selected earlier. The local theater has matinee prices 7 days a week, which means I save any day I go to the show.

Time Constraints

Recording TV shows ahead of time gives me the opportunity to watch them at my convenience and fast forward through the commercials and reviews of other shows without wasting time. That statement might cause stress in advertising agencies across the country, so I will add a disclaimer that there are some commercials I watch because they are informative and helpful. I know ahead of time how much time will be used at the theater, so it never enters into the equation. Comfortable seats and a clear view of the screen make it a grand experience.