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Five Top TV Shows for Preschoolers

When you have a toddler and preschool age children in the house you are indulged in the world of make believe. There are many cartoons that come across the television that are either enjoyed by the children or turned in an effort to find something that is more pleasing to them. These are the favorites that have come across my television lately.

Dora the Explorer takes the children into a world of her own. With muddy mountains, gooey geysers, and prickly forests the children are taken on an adventure to get from point A to point B while learning counting, music, and Spanish along the way. Dora and her trusty sidekick Boots often come across Swiper the Fox who tries to swipe various things that Dora and Boots have.

Go Diego Go is Dora the Explorer animal rescuing cousin. Diego and his sister Alicia use their video watches to communicate through out the show. The Bo Bo Brothers are Diego's menacing costars. Go Diego Go helps children learn about animals' sounds and habitat.

Wonder Pets is another toddler favorite that can be found on Nick JR. The classroom pets turn into animal rescuers once the school day is through. The phone rings and tells then an animal is in trouble. Off they go into the world to rescue the animal that needs their help. Wonder Pets promotes teamwork and teaches the youngsters how to work together.

Thomas the Tank Engine takes place on the magical Island of Sodor, where Sir Topham Hat runs the railway. Each of the characters each have there own personalities from the grumpy Gordon to the coaches of Annie and Clarabel the children are delighted to see the trains chugging down the track and overcoming the problems they may meet along the way.

Disney's Little Einstein's take Rocket to far away locations to help someone in need. Just like Swiper in Dora the Explorer and the menacing Bo Bo Brothers the show include a nemesis that tries to steal things along the way. Big Jet follows the Little Einsteins and rocket on their adventures trying to beat them to their destinations or steal things that they may need.

There are many shows that are available for the preschoolers and toddlers to watch. Choosing the best ones for them is not necessarily the ones they want to watch. The shows listed above each have their own lessons to teach the children and can be used as learning tools for them. From caring and sharing to counting and speaking Spanish, the children will have an adventure on the screen while learning at the same time.