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5 Worst TV Show Premieres in Fall 2009!

First let me state that I am a little bias on television shows. I think that TV high command has got the average person all wrong. I am a typical semi-middle class American who works a lot of hours trying to make ends meet and when I come home from a hard day at work, I have to admit I enjoy watching television. I am the type of person that enjoys drama shows such as House and Grey's Anatomy, along with Law and Order. I have added to my lineup Mercy, which is a new nursing show drama – however there will never be another ER in my eyes.

This article however is supposed to be on the worst TV show premieres for 2009, so here goes. Remember this is my opinion but I think it counts for something.

First on the list would be Modern Family and I know most of you are wondering why. Well here let me tell you my thoughts. I enjoy comedies like everyone else but Modern Family is a slap stick humor attempt that doesn't appeal to me. The whole gay couple with a baby, father is married to young Hispanic woman with chubby stepson and sister is going through this child rearing tag team thing with her husband, just isn't my cup of tea. I like to laugh and have enjoyed sitcoms like Friends, Becker, Seinfield, Gary Unmarried, etc. The list is plentiful to say the least but Modern Family is trying to stab into comedy by playing this mixed up dysfunctional family thing and adding commentaries from the participants, which are not necessary. I really think that the hierarchy that presides over television should give Americans a little credit for being smarter than that. I for instance enjoy being taken away into a show with detail given to the story line and one that requires some brain waves to be functioning. Seinfield for instance was a show about nothing but presented comedy with attention to detail and you felt like you had been in that situation at some point. So does Gary Unmarried, my ex is the male form of his. I hope you are understanding what I am saying. Modern Family is just stick and doesn't relate to me and I can't imagine many others for that matter.

Number two on my list would be Brothers it is another stick show but this time you have a fiery wheel-chaired brother who fights with his bigger brother "the football guy" who has come back home. A father who is a little forgetful and a mother who supposedly is the glue. Who writes their dialogue anyway. I will simply say its not Everybody Loves Raymond which again related to me on some level and was another fighting family but with a better cast and storyline.

Third would be Accidentally on Purpose which is another bad comedy based on the premise that there is a place somewhere known as Cougar Town USA. This whole cougar thing is not appealing. Yes maybe in Sex In The City format but not at every turn. Cougar Town with Courtney Cox is a deceit show because it has the whole Sex In The City format along with a little of Desperate Housewives thrown in but Accidentally On Purpose is not going to make it much longer.

Fourth is Community which again is another comedy that has fallen short. Mainly all I think about is the networks can't seem to get the whole comedy thing and what is funny and what is not. I will say this though it reminds me of all the other comedies that have been tossed out there like Kath and Kim that are supposed to make us chuckle and yet make me flip the channel.

My fifth show isn't going to be a popular choice probably but I will say it anyway, Jay Leno. Okay I know what your thinking and your right Jay is what Jay is and we all have seen him ride the tide before. However this time is different than when he took over the Tonight Show. Everyone was okay with accepting that as a sign of the times and a passing of the torch. However this is just another tonight show at a different time slot and I for one liked him where he was at. I watched him after the news after my other shows and even if I didn't finish the whole tonight show I caught his monologue. Conan is not Jay and never will be. His form of comedy is distasteful to me. Jay is much better at delivering comedy with a punch but he now cuts into my nightly rituals like watching the shows I have already committed to, doing laundry and washing dishes. I don't have time to sit down and relax with him like I once did and he is giving me content better left for later after the kids are in bed and I have settled down to relax. All I can say is I miss where he was after my news had gone off he was comforting to see each night and now he is just another click that I have to make on my remote.

Enough said for now. I guess my opinion is just that MINE!