What Are The 11 Top Best Invitation Makers Online?

Invitation cards are necessary to convey your regards to people you want to invite while organizing the functions, birthday parties, weddings, funeral, etc. With your loved ones, the occasion becomes more memorable. However, an online invitation trend is progressing at high speed because it delivers the same joy and same respect to convey invitation but in less time. Thanks to the internet and technology, we can design the invitation cards at a much fast rate and send them without traveling manually to our loved ones in shortage of time.

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Why are online invitation makers in use?

Moving with the trends will make you appear modern in this society. Following the trend of card invitation online, you can save a lot of time to yourself. There are numerous websites present over the internet that allow you to create your invitation card handy. This also means you will save a great amount of money for yourself. Here are given some of the best applications that you can choose to create the best invitation cards.

Best 11 online invitation makers to consider!

Using these, you can design your invitation cards and send them online at less cost and the duration.

  • Evite: it is the most trusted and broadly used websites famous for card designing online. It comes with RSVP tracking.
  • Paperless Post: Another site that lets the user design an invitation card of his choice.
  • Smile box: this website provides the best tools to create scrapbooks, photos, albums, greetings, etc.
  • Pingg: people generally use ping to create a variety of designer cards based on distinct occasions.
  • Purpletrail: the website of PurpleTrail deals in card creation where a user can choose from 1000 of designs and print the cards, make home decors, photo gifts and create high-quality invitations.
  • Invys: for creating the invitations most simply, you can use Invys. The creation is possible without downloading any app or tool.
  • Punch bowl: for creating beautiful handy invites, use this website.
  • Minted: any invitation can be created on this, with the designers from all around the world delivering high-quality designs.
  • Jukebox print:  with websites such as a jukebox, you can keep your customers happy by delivering high-quality smart cards.
  • Adobe spark: adobe allows you to create stunning invitation creation in no time providing users with a bunch of tools and options to choose from.
  • Lucid press: it will allow you to print digital invitation cards with publishing software present on its website. People can work on it online.

Finally, using these applications, you can easily design your invitation card with all the formatting of your desire in no time. These websites and applications provide 2-3 free samples and, after that, charge for their services and tools. You can choose the best one based on the quality you want and what features you can access. For more precision, always look for the ratings done by the users.

3 Best Hosting in Canada 2020

Choosing a good web hosting provider in Canada has become tough due to the presence of several hosting providers both local and international. The quality fluctuates a lot among providers along with some confusing hosting plans offering similar features but at different costs, support choices, server setups, customized control panels, email accounts, etc.

To make your job easy, here are providers that offer quality service at an affordable price.

3 Best Hosting Canada Providers in 2020

  1. HostPapa

HostPapa is a Canadian web hosting provider that hosts over 5,00,000 websites on its servers. Their headquarter is located in Toronto and they charge in CAD not USD making it an excellent choice for local businesses.

They are also a green cloud company meaning they use eco-friendly resources for power consumption.

The basic hosting plan offers to host for two websites and you can host unlimited websites with the other two higher-priced packages.

They use the cPanel dashboard, which is convenient to use, offer one-click installation for several web applications such as eCommerce platforms. They also one of the best customer support providers in the business in Canada.

Major Features of HostPapa

Basic plan costs $3.95 CAD/month (regular cost $8.99/month)

Servers hosted in Canada

Local customer support in Canada

Minimum two website hosting allowed and a free domain

Free Cloudflare CDN integration

100 GB of SSD storage

Free SSL certificate

Unlimited bandwidth

  1. Web Hosting Canada

Web hosting Canada is another hosting provider based in Canada that offers domain registration, email, and online marketing services at an affordable price. In short, the company can meet most of your online business needs.

Their cheapest plan starts with CAD 3.89/month and all their plans come with unlimited storage meaning you will never run out of storage space with Web Hosting Canada.

You will also get unlimited emails, all with 1 GB of storage and you can safely connect them to software such as Outlook or Apple Mail. This makes a pleasant experience that other hosting providers don’t offer.

Major Features of Web Hosting Canada

Plans starts with CAD 3.89/month (plan renews at $5.99/month)

Servers hosted in Canada

Local customer support in Canada

Free Cloudflare CDN with all plans

Unlimited bandwidth and storage

One-click installation of over 300 web apps

Unlimited emails with up to 1 GB storage per mailbox

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost is a renowned international web hosting provider that offers various hosting services such as VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, etc at an economical price. All their hosting packages come with free SSL certificates, a free domain name, free mailboxes, and unlimited bandwidth.

If you have a WordPress blog in Canada, then you can Bluehost’s managed WordPress hosting service named WP Pro which includes an all-in-one control panel and marketing center, advanced SEO features, social media integration, and email accounts.

However, Bluehost does not have servers in Canada and also does not provide local customer support to Canadians. Its plans are also pricey compared to the other two local hosting providers mentioned above.

Yet, Bluehost is an excellent choice since it is an established and reputed brand with years of successful track record in the industry along with continuous website uptime, reliable international customer service, and fast website loading speeds.

Major Features of Bluehost

Starts with $5.42 CAD/month (regular plan $10.57 CAD/month)

99.98% website uptime

Unlimited bandwidth

50 GB SSD storage

Free SSL certificates and domain name

Dedicated WordPress hosting

Social media integration

BEST Free YouTube Video Downloader

We love to watch youtube videos. is an amazing service and hundreds of hours of video are being uploaded on YouTube every day. Most of us like to download the videos and keep the videos with us so we will not have to use the internet when watching the videos. Sometimes, video is uploaded for a short time and then it is removed. This kind of videos needs to be downloaded and kept in the phone memory so one can watch it later. To download the videos, we need the best free YouTube video downloader.

We can define the qualities of a good YouTube downloader app. The app should be easily downloadable on the mobile. It should be supported by different versions of Android and other operating systems. The app should be able to download YouTube videos without much hassle. It should give multiple quality options so we can download according to our quality requirements. The user interface should be simple for everyone to use it easily. It should be available in multiple languages so different countries can get benefits from this YouTube video downloader app. We have compared a few amazing downloader apps. The detail is given below.

YouTube app

YouTube has disabled the downloading services in most of the downloader apps. Play Store has removed YouTube downloader apps. This caused a lot of inconvenience for the people who wanted to download YouTube videos. To tackle this issue, YouTube has given up download option inside the YouTube app.

You can easily download the YouTube app from the Play Store. This app can also be downloaded when you go to the Apple store for Apple devices. It can support multiple operating systems. A lot of us do not know how to download YouTube videos from the YouTube app. You just have to go to the app and start the video that you want to download. There will be an option to download at the bottom of the video display. Clicking this option will allow you to store the video inside the YouTube app and you can watch the video later.

There is a problem with the YouTube downloader app that you cannot store the video on your memory card. The video will be stored inside the app. When the video is removed from the YouTube you will not be able to see it even offline from the YouTube app.

YTD video downloader

This is one of the simplest best free YouTube video downloader apps. This app allows you to access a big library of the YouTube videos on their app. There is a browsing option on the top of the android app. Once you click this option, you can go to YouTube and select the video you want to download. It will show multiple quality options and you can select the one you want to download. It will allow you to keep the videos in your memory card.

This app has a problem that you cannot download it now from the Play Store. It is disabled in the Playstore now due to YouTube policies. You can go to any APK downloading service and get the APK to install it directly on your mobile. If a video is not in their library, it will be difficult to download that YouTube video.


This is another app to download YouTube videos. You can download videos from other social media channels easily. It can download the videos that are not in the app’s library also. Downloading the videos is very simple in this app because you only need to copy and paste the link of the required video.

You will not be able to preview the video when using this app. it is not available on Playstore so you have to download the APK. Link pasting is required and there is no direct option to download the videos.


This is a simple app that can download YouTube and other social media videos easily. It has the easiest process of downloading videos. Videos can be directly browsed and downloaded from the TubeMate app. It is available in multiple languages and videos can be previewed before downloading. It has a special download manager that can download the videos at the fastest speed.

It is not available on Play Store so you have to download the APK to install it on your mobile.


In our quest to find the best free YouTube video downloader app for android, we have come across two options. If you do not want to use APK downloading, you should go for the YouTube app directly. If you have no problem in APK installation, you should select the Tubemate as best free YouTube video downloader because it gives multiple download options with the fastest speed.

Movies or TV Shows: What Be Thy Preference?

Television was a big part of my life growing up. If I had nothing better to do then I watched TV. But recent years have seen me focus more on other experiences and that has made television viewing a non-activity in my life. I prefer going to the movies now and even enjoy that experience more. Television viewing at home is limited to streaming movies and maybe news channels but not so much watching TV and the never-ending series, show, seasons and episodes. And I believe it is for the better that I prefer movies over TV shows.

The atmosphere

Watching movies at the cinemas is a nice outing to indulge in every once in a while. Enjoying the movie with a packed hall has its own fun aspects to add to the experience. Watching movies at the drive-in is ever more unique an experience – you are with a crowd at the movies but in the privacy of your car – like watching a movie in your home but in the outdoors and with a larger screen! Meanwhile watching a TV show is usually at home and that doesn't make for a very interesting change in scenario, does it?

The format

I prefer movies because they are short and sweet and usually when one gets done, the next part, be it a prequel or sequel, comes out next year or later. There is no yearning to have to watch multiple episodes together on television or recorded, as is usually the case with television shows anyways. You can also watch 3D versions at the movies which thankfully has not been invented for home television viewing.

The advantages

You can watch multiple movies over a period of time and find something to suit everyone's taste and preference. You can move from comedy one day to horror the other to drama the next but with TV shows the genre pretty much stays the same. Also walking away from a 2-hour movie is easier than trying to detach yourself from a show that airs at specific times during the day.

The time commitment

TV shows definitely require greater time commitment. Once you get hooked to a show you want to watch every episode every week. If it is a show airing reruns then the tendency to watch the episodes as they are aired together is strong.

Movies Vs. TV Shows

I love movies. I think they are way better than TV shows. Although this is just my opinion, I have many, many reasons why I think this.

    1. Movies are much more exciting. The effects and acting are normally better in movies. Movies tend to have a much bigger plot and a better story line. TV can sometimes stray from their original plot because they run out of things to do.

  1. TV shows leave you hanging and go on forever. Some TV shows have 6-10 seasons and that is just too many. I usually lose interest in TV shows after the 2-3 season. I think that they are too dragged on.
  2. You can go see movies in theaters. I feel that going to a theater is so much fun. It’s actually kind of a bonding experience. All these strangers come together to share an interest in a movie.
  3. TV shows can get cancelled. Sometimes, TV shows lose viewers and money that they need to keep going, therefore they get cancelled. It’s awful to be so interested in something and then it just disappear.
  4. I hate waiting to find out when something is going to happen. In a movie, you know you will find out by the end, with TV shows, it could be months before you know something. That is just unappealing to me.

If Movies Are Major, TV Shows Are Minor

If there is a single hobby that I enjoy doing alone or with a company, it is to watch a good movie or a TV show. Yes, it is true that my loves for movies are greater than the TV shows. By this, I am not hating the TV shows, but simply preferring movies over TV shows. There are some TV shows like "Game of Thrones" that I consider to be better than some movies. Generally speaking however, I find movies to be much more well-made and meaningful compared to TV shows. Here are some reasons why I prefer movies over TV shows.

First, movies tend to have stability compared to TV shows. By this, I am talking about TV shows ending prematurely because of its low ratings. TV shows are cancelled too often, and it seems like many good ones are getting cancelled without an ending. I find nothing more frustrating than to invest myself in a show only to find myself clueless of the ending because they've cancelled it. Movies may start with a low budget, and sometimes will have a bad conclusion. Yet, they will still provide you an ending; unless it's a sequel based movie of course. Is it just me? Or are the TV networks cancelling some of their best shows?!

Secondly, the amount of censorship and restrictions that the TV shows get, when it comes to producers expressing their ideas into the screen. I know that mainstream TV shows are watched by everyone, including children. However, when things become too vague, it tends to take me out of the whole scenery. I believe this is why TV shows in cable networks such as HBO and ShowTime are succeeding more these days compared to their competitors. Yes, there is some sex marketing involved in it, but when it comes down to drama; things need to be more open and tolerable. Sex, violence, and profanity is not necessary to make a show great, but should never be restricted to make a show great.

Next, the quality of the cinematography itself is much better in movies. This may be due to the budget differences that TV shows and the movies get. Yet, it is just so amazing when you get to see these unbelievable creatures and environments come to life in movies. It also helps that peoples' favorite actors are in movies more than TV shows as well. The overall quality of production is just much better in the movies than TV shows.

Finally, the system of how TV shows work! I know that some people enjoy waiting for their favorite shows, and for the next seasons to come. For me, it is just frustrating. I personally cannot wait to see what happens next, and the way these shows tend to drag their story around just adds to the annoyance.

I am aware that TV shows are getting better these days, and there are fantastic shows out there to watch. What I want to say is that movies are still somewhat more privileged to make better contents compared to most shows.

For these reasons, I love the movies more than the TV shows!

Are TV Shows Surpassing Movies?

Television shows such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones are skyrocketing in popularity. It leaves many wondering where that puts traditional movies at. While the TV show industry is definitely gaining momentum, cinematic films remain in high demand. In fact, I've compiled a list of reasons why I prefer movies over television.


Perhaps the most important, and obvious, aspect of all is the advantage of time. In a movie, the content is condensed down to about two hours of film. While the average TV show runs about 45 minutes per episode, viewers should beware of how much time is truly invested in these shows. Considering that most TV shows have about 16 or more episodes in one season alone, this equates to quite the time investment. In fact, nydailynews.com states the average American spends over 34 hours a week watching television. That's almost a full-time job!


Although both movies and TV utilize advertisements, the formatting for them is vastly different. Movies use advertisements before the film begins. On the other hand, TV shows love to break into a commercial at the peak of a dramatic moment. An hour-long TV show integrates about 15 minutes of commercials. Now that's irritating!


As TV show addicts know, there is nothing more irritating than a grand season finale that leaves you hanging. In fact, after every show, viewers are likely to experience anxiety pertaining to, "what happens next?!" Writers and producers do this on purpose to hook the audience into watching more of the show. It's nice when movies wrap everything up in a specified time frame.


Big name actors such as Christian Bale, Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie normally star in movies, not TV shows. When I want an action-packed film starring Liam Neeson or Daniel Craig, I know I can count on my local movie store.

The Silver Screen

Most of all, nothing beats the experience of a night out at the local movie theatre. For me, this is the number one reason why I prefer movies to TV. Perhaps it's the tradition of grabbing a bag of popcorn and relaxing with some entertainment. Maybe it's the fact that I'm enjoying my time with family or friends. There's something about the movie theatre that's engrained in American culture. For that reason alone, TV will not ever surpass movies.

Best Science Fiction TV Shows to Watch This Fall

Calling all Comic Con and sci-fi enthusiasts! The fall season is cranking up with a fresh crop of science fiction television shows. Whether your interest lies in mind control, human flight, or teleportation, there is something on TV for you. Some of these shows have already enjoyed moderate success. Others are tempting new viewers with a fresh approach to some dated themes. See what primetime TV has to offer in the way of science fiction:


Still hanging on for another season is the infamous, "Heroes"-a show that helped put actress Hayden Panettiere on the map (despite her numerous childhood roles.) The rather colorful and elaborate story began in 2006, and experienced a huge surge in popularity, and also-a slight dip in ratings. "Heroes" follows a group of seemingly ordinary people with amazing superpowers. But sometimes their powers are used for evil…


Eliza Dushku heads up this sci-fi program about a group of people (called "Dolls" or "Actives") whose personalities have been wiped clean for the purpose re-programming them for certain duties. While they're not serving their masters (The Handlers), they remain in a laboratory called the Dollhouse. Check out this Fox network show for some innovative new storylines that combine dramatic themes with sci-fi technology.


Also joining the Fox family this fall is a series which focuses on "fringe science"-that is, a field of study that explores non-traditional scientific theories such as voodoo, strange diseases, and even telekinesis. Like many sci-fi television shows, this program has an official setting, with the main stars assuming FBI agent roles (Mark Valley and Kirk Acevedo). With slight comparisons to the X-Files being drawn, this show will be a hit with those who enjoy certain aspects of the paranormal.


Putting a comedic spin on psychic abilities is "Psych" the USA network dramedy starring James Roday and Dulé Hill. If you haven't been privy to this show's clever premise, you might be surprised to note that no real psychic ability is present on the program. In fact, the show's star is merely a very astute detective who's faking his psychic powers to solve crimes (and keep his job.)

The Ghost Whisperer

Entering its fifth season is "The Ghost Whisperer" centered on Melinda, the sensitive (pun intended) antique shop owner who can communicate with the dead. Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, this show has elicited both screams and tears with its creative story lines and competent cast. If you were a fan of The Sixth Sense, you have probably been watching this show since it debuted in 2005.